Introducing SOMspace!

Space of Mind, which pioneered Social HomeschoolingTM over the last 10 years, has expanded its educational ecosystem to include a new concept for 21st century learning. Introducing: SOMspace, a co-learning community for homeschoolers, distance learners and enrichment seekers in need of curriculum, coaching, culture, creativity and community.

SOMspace is designed to help students feel safe, loved and celebrated as they receive organizational & curriculum support, helping them stay on track with school. Additionally, a variety of creative enrichment opportunities empower students to grow socially and emotionally, while making friends, exploring interests and having fun. 

This central Boca Raton location features fun and flexible options to support your child’s social and emotional growth this fall as well as access to Space of Mind’s unique project-based curriculum programming to support academic, creative and life skills. 

Middle income families with high expectations and reasonable budgets for education costs are seeking the best possible learning and social environment for their kids right now. At the same time, lower income families seek the same opportunities but have less discretionary income. Here at Space of Mind, we understand that ALL FAMILIES are looking for a diverse, equitable and inspiring learning community for their students. With SOMspace, we hope to offer a safe, socially equitable and flexible co-learning space for ALL learners!

SOMspace will open its doors August 31st, 2020 for learners and families looking for a diverse, equitable and inspiring learning community. The building boasts five inspiring and flexible learning spaces, which can accomodate 25-30 mixed-age learners. Each space is designed for a group or pod of 5-8 learners and 1-2 coaches. Curriculum and coaching may be purchased at a membership discount from Space of Mind as well as an abundance of ala carte enrichment opportunities and chef-prepared meal plans. The space is sanitized and staffed with learner’s safety in mind!

Join us in ushering in the future of flexible education!

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