LEO High School Program

Leonardo Da Vinci is a great example of a life well-lived with passion and purpose. He defined the true Renaissance thinker – artist, scientist, inventor. We think the world needs more renaissance thinkers, doers and creators now more than ever.


LEO is our flexible, personalized and out-of-the-box high school program.

High school should be the time to experience all kinds of creative and academic pursuits, find the passion that excites you and work towards a future of exploration and discovery of what you love. Learning is far more than just classes, homework, tests and grades; it’s about igniting the senses and securing a future based on what makes sense to you – and for you.

Choose Your Own Adventure; Learn The Way You Learn.

LEO prepares you for college, work, life & your dreams.

LEO students are ready to find their passion, make their mark on the world as they explore career options, build their resume and network with professionals while completing high school requirements. Each follows a personalized and self-paced curriculum, receives interdisciplinary academic and life skills coaching and builds connections in the community through service, vocational training and mentorship.

Futuristic • Groundbreaking • Well-rounded • Free-thinking

What makes LEO unique?

Ubiquitous • Artisanal • Open-ended • Adaptable • Ambition • Somnipresent

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How does the LEO program prepare you?

Adulting means knowing how to show up for life, and LEO sets the stage for future success. Students learn to make and manage schedules, build relationships, advocate for themselves and learn – and live – the balance between work, education, family time and personal time.

For college bound students, LEO sets an applicant apart; they are already steps ahead of their traditionally-schooled peers academically, creatively and socially. For students looking to launch businesses and bypass college, LEO is an incubator for startup ideas and development.

Anything is possible; our team of coaches, curriculum developers and community mentors are basically wish grantors. Tell us about your interests, and we’ll create your ideal school experience!

Not sure what you’re passionate about or what you love most? Explorers are welcome!

Learning takes place where you want it: on our campus, in the community, virtually and wherever your passion and imagination (and our travel opportunities) can take you.

Culinary • Fine Arts • Music • Engineering • Ocean Exploration • Wellness & Healing • Theater • Anything You Can Imagine