SOM Gets WILD at Lion Country Safari!

Nov. 19 2014: Got to hang out with goats, feed birds, feed lettuce to giraffes, and took a drive through the safari where we got to see rhinos, lions, ostriches, zebras, and many other incredible animals. It was a chilly day, so animals were very active!
Anytime you can get kids and animals to interact and coexist in the same area, it usually ends in some great fun! This day was no different, as the Lion Country Safari welcomed SOM to explore their 260 acre land, with over 900 animals.  Once we arrived on that cool Wednesday morning, our team of students, parents and coaches took part in the Safari’s welcome exhibit.  There, we learned the importance of the Safari in not only giving visitors an exciting taste of a real African Safari, but also the knowledge and hard work it takes, to care for these animals.  
 We then took a walk through SafariWorld, where we fed giraffes, were able to pet goats and saw animals ranging between flamingos to squirrel monkeys.  The students really had an aweSOMe time interacting with these animals.  
After lunch, the highlight of the day, was when we got a chance to take part in the seven sections of the drive through wildlife preserve.  Our students got up close and personal with some Aldabra tortoises, impalas and ostriches.  The chimpanzees and African lions were protected by fences but it was still exciting to see these animals in action! All-in-all our parents and students had a fun-filled, informative day at the safari.  
One of our high school juniors, Gavin Krooks posing with a goat in the petting zoo.  In the background some of our other students seem to looking for a goat of their own to pet.


Family Affair: Clubhouse student Tal Argov and his mother Colleen Argov taking part in the goat feeding exhibit.



Budgie feeding exhibit: Ana Calvin looking super-amazed while feeding a budgie!


Isarel Goldstein trying to get up close and personal with this giraffe.


All smiles at the Giraffe feeding exhibit with (from left to right) Kellie Zelazek, Coach Allie Hasson and Emily Ferry.




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