Start Your Schoolhouse!

You can create space of mind anywhere!

In a house, on a corporate campus (every day is ‘take your kid to work day’), in a commercial space, at your country club or clubhouse, in the library, at your local community center, on a farm or even as an adjunct to a traditional school. Wherever you are, that’s where we’re growing!

A new ecosystem for education!


Space of Mind can customize homeschool curriculum for individual students, families with mixed age learners, homeschool pods and even youth organizations and camps.

Customize Homeschool Curriculums

Individual students

Space of Mind can create customized curriculum for an individual student.

Families with mixed age learners

Many families have children who are different ages at home. Space of Mind can create customized curriculum for each student, no matter their age.

Homeschool pods

Have you created your own homeschool ‘pod’? Space of Mind creates customized curriculum for pods of up to XX children.

Youth organizations and camps

Space of Mind can even create curriculum for youth organizations and camps!

School on your schedule.

Virtual Social Homeschooling

Customized curriculum, live taught group classes, personal coaching and online study halls. The only relationship-based virtual learning program!


Grab some friends or we’ll group you with some new ones, and start a social homeschool experience that you design! Don’t want to homeschool your kids yourself? We’ll do it in your preferred space just for your crew!

Curriculum Design

Looking to homeschool yourself but just want to do the fun part? Let us do the heavy lifting. Let’s create a custom field trip, travel experience or entire school year!

Interested in Starting Your Own Space of Mind?

Start a Classroom

Create a schoolhouse in your own house, a public space or inside a complementary location. Low overhead, easy startup! This is an ideal structure for an educator wanting to grow a small business, a co-op parent who wants to manage more co-ops, an independent school looking to create a small schoolhouse within its existing infrastructure, a company looking to create an HR benefit for working parents, a country clubhouse looking for an aweSOMe perk for members, an investor looking to support a budding edupreneur or philanthropist looking to make a small investment to support an underserved community*.

Start a Schoolhouse

Open a commercial space that hosts academic, creative and life skill programming. Some overhead, but lots of growth opportunities! We’ll walk you through the entire business start-up process, providing the infrastructure, training, sales, marketing and coaching support you’ll need. This is the ideal opportunity for SOMeone ready to create a program for 15 students or more in a physical commercial location. Additional revenue streams like classes, workshops and afterschool programs can be hosted at Schoolhouses, too!


Start a Campus

Bring the schoolhouse and the HUB to your community – offer our full range of services, programs and events! Bigger investment and bigger return! A campus supports regional growth and is a central community center for Schoolhouse, Classroom and Co-ops, as well as an extension of the onsite Schoolhouse and a hub for the Community Classroom Kitchen, Community Classroom Project and Parent Educator Resource Center. The campus is ideal for someone ready to run a bigger business with more moving parts, including the ability to host 80-100+ participants at one time, rentals, big events, camps, retreats and more!

Start a Mobile Teaching Kitchen

Chef-converted school buses are hitting the roads! Traveling culinary classroom, commissary, market and pop-up events. Reasonable investment for really nice growth! This is the perfect gig for a chef looking to make families happier with healthy food. Each Mobile Teaching Kitchen is a full business that provides educational activities, food service, catering and pop-ups, as well as the preparation and delivery for participating Co-ops, Classrooms and Schoolhouse snacks and lunches.

*All schoolhouses started as a result of grants and philanthropy will be created through the Community Classroom Project, a 501c3 initiative to reduce school-related stress for underserved families.