First Field Trip of the Year: Boca Museum of Art!

Alex, Nick, Max and Matthew, viewing Physichromie No. 571 by Carlos Cruz-Diez.

Tenth grade media arts student, Chandler Kerrigan, contributed the following piece on our recent trip to the Boca Museum of Art

On Wednesday, September 17th, SOM students went on a field trip to the Boca Museum of Art to study abstract art to view the 63rd Annual All Florida exhibit.

“I thought the museum was very interesting,” SOM student, Matthew Niren said. “I liked learning about the history of the art works, the background, and why the artists made the pieces. My favorite piece (Canoptic Legerdemain, by Nancy Graves) was inspired by Michelangelo. I think it’s cool that the artist incorporated classical art into abstract art.”
SOM Students at the Boca Museum of Art.

A wonderful tour guide showed us around their abstract art exhibit. The students and coaches both interpreted the art in their own way, shared about it, and asked questions. Seeing how many different ways abstract art can be interpreted by just a few students was amazing!

“I loved the piece entitled, Angels and Ancestors, by Wendy Wischer” student Kellie Zelazek said. “It was very majestic and featured diamond encrusted roots from a tree being reflected by a mirror which represented new beginnings.”

After, the SOM students and coaches walked around the 63rd Annual All Florida exhibit. All of the artwork shown was created by artists from all around Florida. Even though all of the artist are from the same place, we noticed the wide range of diversity in the artwork shown.

Finished pieces by SOM students!

We were also able to experience a hands on art activity to learn more about abstract art. They gave us simple instructions such as “draw four lines anywhere on your paper and two circles. At least one circle needs to intersect one line.” With those instructions, a few more and some coloring, we were able to create our own abstract art which is now hanging on the wall at SOM!

SOM clubhouse student, Lucas, and academic coach, 
Jessica, during the workshop portion of our visit. 


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