Learning Assessments

Our mission to enhance social, emotional and academic growth for all of our students is easier when we understand a little deeper how a student processes emotions, cognitive information and social situations. Data is collected throughout our interviews with students, parents and support team members, as well as through formal cognitive and learning assessments, coaching conversations and social observations. Using this information, we draft a Student Roadmap, which can be shared with your child’s school or therapist, or if you attend the Space of Mind Schoolhouse full-time, it will act as your personalized learning plan.

We believe strongly that every child learns in his or her own unique way. It’s our job to understand our students’ learning styles and teach in a way that fully captures imagination, inspiration and learning. While most schools place a strong importance on testing for all the wrong reasons – like funding, school grading and teacher assessments – SOM believes that data can have a more useful place in education.