A Gap Year for Busy Brains

Adulting doesn’t need to be hard, and the traditional path isn’t for everyone.

Meet Mind the Gap, the SOM gap year, your cool and quirky adult friend who gets it. They’ve lived what seems like 100 different lives, and they’ve got what your parents call “street smarts.” They make adulting look easy; they know a little bit about everything. Whenever you hang out with them, you feel a little bit more like yourself, and they actually make you kind of excited to be an adult…

Work with aweSOMe cohorts, coaches and mentors to build career and life readiness. Along the way, discover who you are and what you want to be in this world.

Exclaim yourself!

Design your own higher education experience!

Enrolling now for Summer, Fall and Spring 2023-24!

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SOM Gap Year is…

Trustworthy: Experienced, knowledgeable, reliable.

Welcoming: Warm-hearted, open-minded to all kinds of people.

Eccentric: Unapologetically themselves, leads in their boldness and authenticity; somewhere between trendy and funky.

SOM Gap Year is NOT…

A parent: They’re more like a cool older friend who your parents trust, too. They’re not here to lecture or give rules – but they always steer you in the right direction.

Distracted: They’re focused, present, speak with clarity.

Cheerleader-y: They’re inspiring and motivating by nature, but not overly peppy.

Naive: They’ve been around the block; understand people come from all walks of life.

There’s more than one way to transition to adulthood.

Mind the Gap is all about filling in the skill gaps before the biggest test of all – REAL LIFE. Whether a retreat, semester or full academic year, each program is customized and geared towards turning passion into purpose.

Located in historic downtown Delray Beach, Mind the Gap offers:

Project-based and experiential learning in a focus area of choice
Personal development workshops by SOM Coaches and special guests
Wellness classes like yoga, meditation and fitness
Our signature Adulting course, where you’ll learn things like personal finance, time management and other necessary life skills
Adventures around South Florida and beyond
1:1 and group coaching on a weekly basis
Professional mentorship with experts your chosen field
Internship and job matching for hands-on experience
Communal living in the heart of downtown Delray Beach, Florida

Become the person you want to be first. Then:

Master daily living skills

Feel empowered to create the life you crave

Move through the world with confidence

Steer your success

Be empathetic and intentional

Manage emotional, financial and professional growth

We’re looking for participants who are:

Craving meaningful connection

Unique learners and entrepreneurial

Mindful, conscious and experiential

Wanting more than traditional learning

Seeking the misfits, the cool kids, anyone 17-24 looking to create their best life!


Customize the experience – Entrepreneurship, Career Readiness, College Prep, Courses, Adulting, Creativity. Design a personal program that meets all the needs.

Throughout the semester/year, explore the ins and outs of your passion as you dive into projects and learn from mentors in a related field. You’ll begin with an inspiration phase and slowly but surely make your way up to a full creation and presentation of a project of your choosing. This might be a work of art, a business, a blog… the sky’s not even the limit! We’re here to help you determine what that project will be and how you’ll bring it to life. This is the process of entrepreneurship: Ideation to creation. Already have an idea or business you’ve been working on? AweSOMe! We’ll help you fine tune and expand it.


Expand your mind and sense of self with our personal development workshops and 1:1 coaching. There are many benefits from taking time to find yourself first.


Kickstart or deepen your personal balance through yoga, meditation and other fitness electives (like surfing!). Create a wellbeing practice that will actually be practiced.


Learn important life and business skills like stress management, finance and organization. Our signature adulting course sets everyone up for success (and how to accept failures)!


Explore and adventure around South Florida and beyond! Retreat into yourself and everywhere else.

Get support

Learn from and be supported by mentors, coaches and a community of like-minded students. Learn how to ask for and receive help from others and yourself with personalized coaching.

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Pricing is less than college and more than the headache of a wasted year. It’s customized based on many factors, including geography, interests, needs, scholarship eligibility and more. Fill out the application form today and an actual coach will reach out.