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Adulting doesn’t need to be hard, and the traditional path isn’t for everyone.

Meet Mind the Gap, the SOM gap year, your cool and quirky adult friend who gets it. They’ve lived what seems like 100 different lives, and they’ve got what your parents call “street smarts.” They make adulting look easy; they know a little bit about everything. Whenever you hang out with them, you feel a little bit more like yourself, and they actually make you kind of excited to be an adult…

Work with aweSOMe cohorts, coaches and mentors to build career and life readiness. Along the way, discover who you are and what you want to be in this world.

The Space of Mind™ Gap Year is:

Trustworthy – Experienced, knowledgable and reliable.
Welcoming – Warm-hearted, open-minded to all kinds of people.
Spirited – Leads in their boldness and authenticity.

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A year designed just for you!

Located in historic downtown Delray Beach, Mind the Gap offers:

Project-based and experiential learning in a focus area of choice
Personal development workshops by SOM Coaches and special guests
Wellness classes like yoga, meditation and fitness
Our signature Adulting course, where you’ll learn things like personal finance, time management and other necessary life skills
Adventures around south Florida and beyond
1:1 and group coaching
Career assessments & coaching
Professional mentorship with experts in your chosen field
Internship and job matching for hands-on experience
College advisement & course support
Group learning with like-minded individuals
Flexible schedule
Portfolio development
Résumé and curriculum vitae building

Customize a Personal Program

Entrepreneurship • Career Readiness • College Prep • Adulting • Creativity

The Space of Mind™ Gap Year Pricing


A Season of Change

3 Months


A Season of Change

3 Months

*Prices do not include housing and living expenses if coming from out of state

What exactly is a gap year?

A gap year is a year to prepare for life after high school. This can include exploring passions for career options, starting a business, mentorship and internships, life skill development, social experience and more. Typically, a gap year is anywhere from a few months to a year and includes opportunities to develop skills, make decisions about next steps and get ready to go out into the world ready to write a successful life story.

Are there affordable options for a gap year?

Space of mind designs a gap year for your specific budget. This can include staying at home in your community and working with a coach to design a local program or coming to stay in delray beach to attend programming on our campus and in our local community. We can also help you choose a program or design an experience anywhere in the world. It’s up to your budget and imagination!

Can I still get financial aid and scholarships for college after doing a gap year?

Absolutely. You’re also bound to make better financial decisions after a gap year, as you’ll know more about what you’re interested in and where to put your investment to best serve your needs.

I want to go to college. Should I apply before or after I take a gap year?

It’s up to you! We can include the college application process in your gap year, or you can apply in your senior year and defer acceptances until after your gap year. You’re also able to take online college courses at one of our partner schools or from any online university or education site.

What are the benefits of a gap year?

The biggest benefit of a gap year is time. Time to become more of yourself. Time to explore what excites you. Time to become the person you want to be before entering the official adulting experience. Other benefits include developing key social, emotional and life skills, gaining proficiency in academic and creative pursuits and building relationships with coaches and mentors who will set you up for success in the future.

What do colleges think of gap year programs?

They love them! Colleges see gap year participants as more worldly, and they smile at the experiences gained in workplaces, creative studios and community organizations, all of which make you a stronger college student more ready to make a positive impact on campus.

Will it be hard to transition to college after a gap year?

Nope. It will be so much easier to transition to a college experience because you’ll already have had a powerful life experience and lots of practice adulting.

What if college isn't for me?

It’s definitely not for everyone, that’s for sure! We’re here to help you take your passion and launch a business or apprentice under experienced professionals to launch a successful career. We’ve got all the workforce training and entrepreneurship skills to teach, and in a short time working with a dedicated team of coaches, our gap year participants are propelled into a life of purpose.

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Pricing is less than college and more than the headache of a wasted year. It’s customized based on many factors, including geography, interests, needs, scholarship eligibility and more. Fill out the application form today and a coach will reach out.