Schoolhouse In Your House!

If you’ve ever asked, “how do I homeschool my kid without doing it myself?”, Space of Mind is your answer!
Let your homeschool students learn with custom, personalized and live-taught curriculum for kids in grades 1-12.
Tailored to the learning styles, levels and interests of your elementary, middle, and high school students.

A home run for home education – see for yourself!


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Home Education Curriculum Design & Management

For parents choosing to homeschool on their own, the task is both exciting and daunting. There are so many curriculum options, community resources and groups. We help you navigate as little or as much of that path as you need, whether it’s making a plan, choosing a curriculum, finding or providing resources, keeping records, planning field trips and more. We can even design lesson plans for your travels, so you can take learning all over the world! Want us to do it all? No problem. We can also provide a full-service homeschool concierge to manage your homeschool experience from A to Z or explore our full-time social homeschool program at the SOM Schoolhouse.
*All schoolhouses started as a result of grants and philanthropy will be created through the Community Classroom Project, a 501c3 initiative to reduce school-related stress for underserved families.