We’re like a school, but better.

The Space of Mind Schoolhouse is a hybrid school program—founded on the principles of homeschooling, but delivered in a social environment, which alleviates the parent’s responsibility for delivering curriculum and allows for students to learn in an environment tailored to their needs. Within our model, students are enrolled in our project-based and experiential curriculum programs, and they matriculate from kindergarten through K-12. We are a college preparatory program, and have 100% acceptance rate for college-bound students.

Our customized course content abides by the Florida Sunshine State Standards and graduation requirements. In fact, Space of Mind Learning Standards go even further to include social, emotional, wellness and character-building standards that are integrated into every academic and extracurricular program.

At Space of Mind, your child will have academic coaches, classmates, report cards and a 24-credit high school transcript just like any other student PLUS the one-on-one coaching we provide to best develop skills and strategies for building confident, successful students. As a home education program, our students are also exempt from the FSA state standardized testing, so we spend our days teaching for learning’s sake and not for the sake of a test. Our students are eligible for honors, advanced placement and college dual-enrollment, as well as the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship and the Gardiner Scholarship.

During the day, Space of Mind is an extraordinary schoolhouse. We use the entire city of Delray Beach as our extended classroom, working with businesses, local experts, organizations and at the surrounding parks and beaches!

Our first-choice school setting embraces teaching styles, experiential curriculum and rewarding partner programs specifically created to lift students to their fullest potential:

Watch the 2016 SOM Graduation Video

Watch the 2016 SOM Graduation Video

Experiential Academics

As the saying goes, if you want to feed someone for a day, cook them a fish. If you want to provide them meals for a lifetime, teach them to fish. We believe academics should be about creating, not just receiving, information. By creating collaborative experiences through hands-on projects, we are giving students memorable learning opportunities within the context of real-life situations.

Customized Learning Roadmaps

Customized Learning Roadmaps are developed with a combination of standardized learning assessments, observational data, interviews with student, parents and support stakeholders (therapists, tutors, educators, caretakers) and a personalized ‘Discovery Session’ that helps us understand what kind of learner, communicator, organizer and personality type your student represents. We put this information together in a Space of Mind Learning Roadmap report that can be shared with anyone who supports your student academically, socially and emotionally.

“Vanguard” Arts & Entrepreneurship

Students are challenged in small groups to locally solve a global problem using collaborative ingenuity, community and social entrepreneurship.

Mind & Body Wellness

Combining fitness and fun is important to inspire students to be aware of what makes them feel good. We are the first school program in Florida to train our staff and students in Transcendental Meditation and have seen impressive improvements in our students at home and school as a result.

Our students forge lasting friendships and memories; they become family.