Don’t know what to do with your kids now that school is closed?! We’ve got you covered.

Watch the Parent Workshop Webinar – Part 1

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All of our aweSOMe programs are about to go online for remote student and family participation!

Space Of Mind has been offering 1st-12th graders social homeschool and customized project based learning for 10 years. We’ve got you covered!

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Meal boxes available for pickup or delivery.

During this time of uncertainty, space of mind and our nonprofit 501(c)3 initiative, Community Classroom Project, are partnering with WiseTribe and other local nonprofits, restaurants and community leaders who are committed to making creative and culinary resources available to the community in a very special way through one-for-one meal boxes available for pickup or delivery in the communities local to Delray Beach.

Space Of Mind

Space of Mind (SOM) is a boutique educational experience, designed for our modern, social world. We provide a creative, flexible and personalized educational environment that fosters social, emotional and academic growth for all kinds of learners, including children, parents, adults, families and educators.

Learn how you learn best.

Build social, emotional and life skills.

Explore your creativity.

Develop stress management strategies.

Improve academics through experiential learning.

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We are a community that focuses on SOMething that we love.

Full-time Schoolhouse
Afterschool, Camp & Community Programs
College Prep
Academics through experiential learning
Visual Arts & Crafting
Fitness & Action Sports
Music & Media Production
Leadership & Community Service
Mind & Body
Culinary Arts
Performing Arts

Hands-on Spaces

In addition to academic classrooms, the campus is composed of an uncommon assortment of hands-on spaces, where students learn, grow & find inspiration.

Yoga & Meditation Space
Art Studio
Music Studio
Community Garden
Science & Engineering Lab
Weather Station

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