Community Program Schedule

Private coaching is available for life skills, college prep, creatives & academics.


Baker’s Dozen

3:15-4:30 PM, Chef Deb, $45, kids, tweens & teens

Dive into the basics of baking to learn how to create the sweets that make life tastier!


Get Your Code On

3:15-4:30PM, Roger, $25, kids, tweens, teens & young adults

Coding is the key to infinite possibilities, so we’re teaching the fundamentals of coding using object oriented Java. Students will learn how to write, test, and showcase their own programs, while also gaining insight on the tech industry and how to make a career from coding.


Student Rock Band

3:15-5PM, Sam, $700*, tweens & teens, Fall Session (September-December), Audition Based (must have experience)

Everyone has an inner rock star! Prior music experience is required but no need to be perfect; just bring your best hair flip, and we’ll teach the rest! We offer guitar, bass, vocals, piano, drums, and auxiliary percussion. If you play a different instrument, bring it in and we’ll integrate it. This workshop culminates in performances for families and community members! *Includes 1:1 30 minute private lesson once per week throughout the session (scheduled individually)


Pokemon Go

3:15-4:30PM, Kaitlyn, $25, kids, tweens & teens

Gotta Catch ‘em All! This after school program leads students on aweSOMe Pokemon Go raids all over Delray. All ages welcome and will be divided into groups.


Homeschool Basketball

1:00-2:30, Seydou Koné, all ages

So excited for Coach Seydou Koné from SK Basketball to run a homeschool clinic with space of mind this year!! If you’ve got homeschoolers, we’ve got the basketball! Tip off is every Wednesday 1pm – 2:30pm. Meet us at the Delray Beach Community Center – 50 NW 1st Ave. Delray Beach, 33444. Registration is required, and so is a water bottle!


Video Effects

3:15-4:30PM, Roger, $35, kids, tweens, teens & young adults

Explore the art of recreating movie scenes, crafting charming stop-motion films, and experimenting with slow-motion action sequences. We’ll tell stories through video by creating basic special effects and learning to work with green screen technology. Learn how to craft optical illusions and silhouette videos, allowing imagination to flourish!


Culinary Curiosity!

3:15-4:30 PM, Chef Deb, $45, kids, tweens, teens & young adults

Calling all little chefs and naturalists…. Join us for a plant-powered culinary adventure at SOM! Each week, we’ll celebrate a new seasonal ingredient, explore cooking techniques and practice basic knife skills as we taste our way through the seasons with a selection of delicious vegetarian recipes.


Art Portfolio

3:15-4:30PM, Jordan, $35, kids, tweens, teens & young adults

Looking for a safe space to design, explore and expand your Art Portfolio? Workshop with other student and professional artists to build your portfolio, develop 2-D and 3-D skills and expand working art knowledge for future study. This is a mandatory afterschool class for any SOM Schoolhouse students taking AP Art and is an awesome supplement to all non-SOM students working on their AP portfolio, too. However, AP Art is NOT a requirement for this workshop. Optional private sessions are available by appointment.


3D Printing

3:15-4:30PM, Arafat, $35, tweens, teens & young adults

3D printing has made it possible to turn ideas into designs and then into prototypes, and we’ve packed this workshop with all of the basics to learn blender, fusion 360 and CAD programming to design builds into functional products. Students will also learn about the different types of printers, the evolution of 3d printing, gold printers, types of filament, pizza printers and the technical side of operations.



6:00-7:00PM, $25, adults

Get lost in the music with this powerful yoga class! Let everything go with a high-intensity flow and experience extreme post-practice bliss.


Check Mate

3:15-4:30PM, $25, kids, tweens & teens

Chess teaches strategy, patience, and executive functioning and is a great training ground for the challenges we face in life. Through skill-building and competitive play, participants will up their game against any opponent!


Screen Printing Workshop with SOM Artist in Residence Emmanuel Gonzales

10AM-2PM, $250. Dates: Saturdays 9/30, 10/7, teens & young adults

Think it. Create it. Screen Print it. Teens can create their own branded swag, turning their wildest designs into wearable art. Emmanuel Gonzales is dropping all the secrets to screen printing – along with some pretty handy skills and hands-on experience with color, technique and tools.

Late Fall 2023

Teen Graffiti Crew

10AM-2PM $400, teens & young adults

Public art is meant to spark a community conversation, and we know teens have something important to say. With murals as the medium, this is the chance to learn from top graffiti artists to develop the tips and tricks of the trade while painting walls throughout the community. Service hours are earned for all project time. (Must attend 5 workshop dates to gain the skills before you can join the crew.)