SOM Social Club

This is the place to be if you’re someone who sometimes doesn’t know where – or even how – to be. Our people are quirky, funny, unafraid of some things and terrified of others, looking for friends and also love to be alone, and most importantly, always down for a good time.


If you’re not social, this is the social club for you.

We’ll get together twice a month – once on the Space of Mind campus for some creative skill-based fun and once out on the town, living our best lives with the skills we’re building.

Get outside of your comfort zone and serve your community!

Not only are we building community amongst our crew, but we’ll be exploring what it means to be a citizen outside of our core comfort zone, impacting our local community through service projects and social action.

From kids to young adults, all are welcome!

We have clubs for every age.

Kids (elementary), Tweens (middle school), Teens (high school), Young Adults (18-24).

We get you…

We cover all the basic skills to be a good human, a great communicator, an exceptional friend, a contributing family member, a productive member of society and overall success story. Our coaches speak the often unspoken, so we totally get your anxiety, stress, trauma, inattention, awkwardness and also all the good stuff like your creativity, curiosity, compassion and determination to be the best you can be.

Learn, grow and do your best!

Every SOM Social Club member will set their goals individually with a coach, so that when the group is together, we are working as a team to support every member in the way that they learn, grow and do their best. Your coach will also do a personal monthly check-in to make sure that we are on track and to support through any rough patches. Want more coaching? No problem, we also offer packages to create even bigger change.

Elementary Social Club

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Middle School Social Club

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High School Social Club

Young Adult Social Club