Coaching is the perfect compliment to a busy life. And for some, it’s also a really helpful tool in the therapeutic process.

Some typical coaching clients include:

School-age students

● who can’t escape the “backpack black hole” where the assignments and planners and notebooks go in, never to be seen again.

● who see homework as a daily struggle.

● who need a few systems for paying attention in class.

● who would benefit from some support in social situations.

College-age students

● who are transitioning into an adult environment, either in college, the work world or during a gap year

● who need some organizational and study strategies and support for managing workloads, time and on-campus resources

● who are looking for personalized support in seeking and securing a next-level internship, acceptance or employed position


● who are looking to be more organized and less stressed

● who are living in cluttered environments and need help seeing – and making – their way out

● who need support during life’s transitions


● who are facing down kids who seem to be outsmarting them every time

● who have a busy family that needs to implement some better systems for sharing space, supporting relationships and getting out of the door on time

● who are seeking solutions for less stressful school days

● who want to learn how to better advocate for their child in academic, social and emotional circumstances


● who want to learn how to have more fun together

● who need to create more efficient space and systems for living together

● who are spending too much time fighting or worrying about school-related stress

Private Coaching

Work 1:1 either in person, by phone or over web conferencing with a Space of Mind coach to set and achieve your goals for success at home, school, work or wherever you need some support. Coaching typically works on the biggest and most common “distractor factors” – attention, anxiety and organization – and helps you create systems for maintaining focus, composure and momentum in sticky situations.

Group Coaching

It’s fun to solve problems and learn new things in a group of peers, so we also encourage you to try a coaching group. Groups include 5-8 like-minded people and focus on targeted areas related to all the things we love to help people learn how to manage better – time, organization, space, stress, relationships, learning challenges, confidence, overthinking things and more.