Coaching is the perfect compliment to a busy life. And for some, it’s also a really helpful tool in the therapeutic process.

Some typical coaching clients include:

School-age students

● who can’t escape the “backpack black hole” where the assignments and planners and notebooks go in, never to be seen again.

● who see homework as a daily struggle.

● who need a few systems for paying attention in class.

● who would benefit from some support in social situations.

College-age students

● who are transitioning into an adult environment, either in college, the work world or during a gap year

● who need some organizational and study strategies and support for managing workloads, time and on-campus resources

● who are looking for personalized support in seeking and securing a next-level internship, acceptance or employed position


● who are looking to be more organized and less stressed

● who are living in cluttered environments and need help seeing – and making – their way out

● who need support during life’s transitions


● who are facing down kids who seem to be outsmarting them every time

● who have a busy family that needs to implement some better systems for sharing space, supporting relationships and getting out of the door on time

● who are seeking solutions for less stressful school days

● who want to learn how to better advocate for their child in academic, social and emotional circumstances


● who want to learn how to have more fun together

● who need to create more efficient space and systems for living together

● who are spending too much time fighting or worrying about school-related stress

Discovery Session

Offered by Appointment

Includes LGL assessments if needed.

1:1 Math Coaching

Problem solved! Our math coaches can help with elementary, middle and high school math, including Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Calculus (I, II, III) and more! We teach math through real world applications, focusing on number sense and strategies to make math less stressful and more accessible.

1:1 Reading/Writing Coaching

Becoming a lifelong learner starts with loving to read! We’ve got Wilson and Orton-Gillingham trained reading coaches and reading specialists ready to infuse creative strategies with skills to improve phonics, phonemic awareness and language arts skills. We will work on key ideas and details, craft and structure, integration of knowledge and ideas, reading complexity, comprehension, and fluency – all while focusing on creative expression, confidence and retention!

1:1 Science Coaching

Take the mystery out of Chemistry, Biology or any science for that matter! Our science coaches are here to support projects, learning a new concept or testing a hypothesis to help make science engaging, approachable and stress free.

1:1 Spanish Coaching

Learning a language is the best way to immerse yourself in cultures and communities outside of your own! Our language coaches make it easy for all types of learners to feel confident and stress free while learning to communicate in new ways and places.

1:1 Music Coaching

Want to learn to play like your musical heroes? Learn how to read music, understand music theory, and develop your passion through piano, guitar, bass, voice, ukulele, drums, music production, or songwriting! You have the option to focus on one or learn them all! Each private session is catered towards your goals and unique learning style.

1:1 Art Portfolio

Looking for a safe space to design, explore and expand your Art Portfolio? Workshop with other artists to build your portfolio, develop skills and expand working art knowledge for future study. Optional private sessions are available by appointment.

1:1 Culinary Coaching

Hone in on tasty techniques that enhance life skills and *palettes through cooking. Private cooking classes support picky eaters new foods, adventurous eaters to explore new cultures and families to cook more together.

Private Coaching

Offered by Appointment

Need SOMe extra enrichment or support? Our coaches have you covered. Private coaching is available in any academic subject, creative discipline or for Social, Emotional and Life skills daily by appointment. For all new clients, a mandatory Discovery Session is your first step! Discovery will include a family meeting and may also include academic and/or life skills assessments.

Group Coaching

It’s fun to solve problems and learn new things in a group of peers, so we also encourage you to try a coaching group. Groups include 5-8 like-minded people and focus on targeted areas related to all the things we love to help people learn how to manage better – time, organization, space, stress, relationships, learning challenges, confidence, overthinking things and more.

Offered by Appointment

Adulting Coaching

Adult Coaching is best approached as a season, allowing for time to incorporate new goals and changes into daily life. After all, we can generally only make one big change at a time if we want it to stick. Whether transitioning to college, out of college or directly into Adulting, anyone can benefit from some extra support and skill-building. Each coaching package includes a SOM Coaching Roadmap, our way of tracking everything you’ll need to repeat this process on your own later: a customized SOM learner and leader profile, goals and strategies for meeting them and a timeline to keep sessions on track. While Adulting Coaching is generally between the SOM coach and young adult, it is highly encouraged for families to share in the process together at times. We’ll let you know if and when.

A Season of Change

One 60-minute, two 30-minute or four 15-minute sessions weekly for 3 months. Includes SOM Coaching Roadmap, individual and family Discovery Sessions and unlimited text/email check-ins. This is great for first time clients, long-term clients working through multiple goals and clients who need consistent (yet not Mom or Dad powered) support.

Baby Steps

One 60-minute or two 30-minute sessions every other week for 3 months. Includes SOM Coaching Roadmap, individual and family Discovery Sessions and unlimited text/email check-ins. This is your jam if you’re already jamming on your initial goals and just need some regular check-ins while systems are being refined.

Hit and Run

Don’t want to commit to a package yet but curious to see how Adulting can be easier than you thought? Already crushing your goals and just want a spot check-in with your coach? Purchased a package for a young adult, but looking for some sessions here and there to get everyone on the same page? Hourly coaching is available for those fill-in-the-blank type fix-its.

Career & Entrepreneurship Coaching

The future is ours to write, and young adults have so many more options than their parents, especially as college reinvents itself or costs become prohibitive.. With the right professional mindset and strategic plan, any career can be created from some good ole fashioned inspiration! Our coaches love extracting aweSOMe ideas from our clients’ wildest dreams, facilitating the planning process, mentorship matching and coaching throughout! Whether we’re facilitating the job search or the business development lifecycle, life skills are at the heart of our heart-to-heart conversations and landing that dream life is our goal! Each coaching package includes a SOM Coaching Roadmap, of course.

Career Coaching

Each 3-month engagement includes individual and family Discovery Sessions, career assessment, SOM Coaching Roadmap, resume and writing for business workshops, job search guidance, mentorship matching, interview preparation and follow up, HR & finance workshops and unlimited text/email check-ins to ensure the process is smooth, swift and sane.

Entrepreneurship Startup Coaching

Each 3-month engagement includes individual Discovery Session, leadership assessment, SOM Coaching Roadmap, business brainstorming and development, resume and writing for business workshops, HR & finance workshops, mentorship matching and unlimited text/email check-ins. The end result: a comprehensive and creative business plan and the general skills you’ll need to launch.