“T” is for “Tuesday” and “TED Talks!”

Example of bioluminescence.
Photo courtesy of National Geographic
Every Tuesday morning at Space of Mind, students and coaches gather in the lunch room to watch an inspirational TED Talk. TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to sharing ideas worth spreading. Their short videos feature the world’s latest innovators giving powerful lectures on every topic ranging from science and technology to global issues. 
This week we heard from David Gallo, a pioneer in ocean exploration. Gallo showcased jaw-dropping footage of the ethereal beauty of the ocean: a color-shifting cuttlefish, an octopus that could camouflage itself perfectly and a variety of rare, bioluminescent sea creatures. As a class, we discussed the fact that humans have only explored 3% of what’s out there in the ocean! There is so much unknown and undiscovered in this world. 
After watching this inspiring TED Talk, we asked our students about what they are passionate about and what they would like to explore further. Here is what they said:

“Something I’m interested in that I would like to research further is aliens. Like the ocean, space is very large and undiscovered.”
-Alex Agran, High School Student

“I’m interested in learning more about the french culture. After, taking french for two years I’ve really wondered more about their culture and different school system.” 
-Chandler Kerrigan, High School Student

“I would like to learn more about dinosaurs because someday I am going to be a physicist and paleontologist!”
-Forrest Bailey, Clubhouse Student
“I would like to explore the entire world if i could!”
-Ana Calvin, Clubhouse Student

Take a virtual dive into the deep sea with David Gallo, by viewing this inspiring TED Talk HERE!
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