2019 Afterschool Programs

In connection with Mindbody you will find a simple way to sign up for Afterschool Programs here at Space of Mind and the Community Classroom Project. If you have not already set up a username and password you can do so here. Any questions can be directed to Admin@myspaceofmind.com.

Afterschool Programs

We are a one-stop afterschool shop! Kids can come right from school, grab one of our healthy snacks, get their homework done, explore enrichment opportunities in each academic subject, take a creative or fitness class and make some new friends.

The Studio opens at 3:30pm Mon-Fri for students, and we stay open until 6:30pm for afterschool programming. You can register your student for a drop-in, class, workshop or let us help you design a customized schedule to meet your interests and needs. Private coaching can also be combined with an afterschool program to cover subject-matter tutoring, private music, art or cooking lessons, organizational or life coaching.

Here are some of the Afterschool Program highlights, but visit our Registration page for the complete list:

Afterschool Dropins

Backpack Coaching

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We take the HOME out of homework! Want to actually relax with your child each evening instead of fight over assignments no one knows how to complete?! Backpack Coaching is a daily drop-in program for students in elementary through high school. We serve up a healthy snack, provide some time and space to unwind, get the creative juices flowing and get going on what’s in the backpack! Coaching is delivered in small groups that also focus on organizational and study skills. Private coaching is also available for those days where new skills need to be taught or a more personalized approach is needed.

School Project Studio

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Don’t want to make midnight runs to Wal-Mart for posterboard and project supplies? Our School Project Studio is the perfect option for planning out a stress-free timeline of science fair projects, book reports and more. Schedule your sessions the day you get your syllabus and then we’ll take it from there and pace the project development sessions, provide the supplies and help you polish the final product. If you waited to the last minute, not a problem – we can help you work some magic in a private coaching appointment.

Open Art Studio

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Craving some creativity? Looking for a fun way to wind-down? Get your hands dirty and your brain powered up by enjoying some open studio time and exploring your inner artist. Work in the medium of your choice, whether it be drawing, painting, printmaking or mixed media. Guidance and instruction will be available to get your creativity flowing.

Academic Enrichment

Book Clubs

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Our Book Clubs inspire kids to love reading by bringing books to life through fun activities, improvisational comedy, reading exercises, spirited debates and creative and culinary explorations. Our specialized reading coaches work with young readers to build skills, confidence and fluency.

Math Is Life

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Math is all around us, so the SOM approach to math mastery includes breaking down all the ways math makes the world go ‘round – through music, cooking, art, nature and fitness. This class offers a creative wheel of activities that inspires students to tackle math fundamentals while, most importantly, having FUN!

Mad Science

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Put your lab coat and goggles on and have fun doing science experiments, solving problems and exploring how things are made. This is a great opportunity for kids who struggle or excel in science to get some extra practice!

Say It Write!

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Writing that is clear, beautiful and expressive will take you far in life, and it’s never too early to master the basics of wordsmithing. Writers of all levels are welcome to join us with a notebook and imagination as we build writing, editing and speech skills through fun activities. There’s a whole world of writing, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and lyrics to explore together. The class will also incorporate a performance element that will culminate in a show.

Hands-on History

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We are inspiring students to see the global landscape from the perspective of a historical moment, while focusing on the fundamental skills for learning history, like note-taking, active listening, understanding context, sequencing, outlining and more. This class supports students in finding connections to other cultures and eras through experiential learning and creative and inspired activities.

Creative Enrichment

Fashion Design

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Students will hit the runway with their handmade fashions after learning the basics from nationally-acclaimed fashion designer and Project Runway alum, Amanda Perna. Students will imagine, design and produce their own fashion lines while learning about the business of building a brand.

Kids’ 1:1 Music Lessons

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Want to learn to play like your musical heroes? Learn how to read music, understand music theory, and play piano, guitar, bass, or drums in your favorite style. You have the option to focus on one instrument or try them all. If you would like to learn an instrument that isn’t listened, we’ll call a professional of your choice and work out a schedule.

Junior Chefs

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A life-skill must is the ability to cook and feed yourself. We will cover such areas as knife skills, proper cooking techniques, and even some exciting culinary games! Learn how to make your favorite meals using healthy ingredients. This class will teach you culinary basics that will leave you feeling comfortable in any kitchen space.

Rock Band

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Do you like playing music with other people or would like to learn how? Play in a rock band ensemble with your peers and make great music! We offer guitar, bass, vocals, piano, drums, and auxiliary percussion. If you play a different instrument, bring it in and let’s integrate it. No music experience is required – we can teach you all you need to know!

Kids Dig It!

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Food! It’s something we all love and need but we don’t always know all it takes to grow. In this program, we’ll become urban farmers exploring how to grow healthy, organic food in our own backyards. There are so many benefits to knowing how to grow your own food. We will experiment with different growing mediums and structures. Plan on getting dirty!

So You Want to Work in a Restaurant?!

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If you can wait tables, you always have access to income – something every high school and college student needs! It’s hard to get a service job without service experience, but this course gives you an introduction to various styles of table service and service standards from small cafes to five star dining rooms. Guest relations, order taking and restaurant infrastructure are all ‘on the menu’. Students will gain experience through practice within a simulated service environment, observing real restaurant service at some of Delray Beach’s best eateries and a mock service meal at SOM.