Become the person you want to be.

Then master your adulting skills.

Space of Mind has the manual for both.

Wherever you are in your Adulting journey, Space of Mind meets you there. We won’t do your laundry or nag you daily about cleaning your kitchen (unless you want us to). Our job is to help you master the art of doing things yourself.

That’s right. YOURSELF. Here’s how:

• Participating in personal development workshops led by SOM coaches and special guests will help you identify who you want to be in this great big world and develop the confidence and plan you’ll need to navigate it.
• Our signature adulting course is your cheat sheet to life’s biggest tests.
• 1:1 coaching on a daily, weekly or check-in basis helps you set, keep and reflect on your goals.
• Family coaching is like having a really compassionate referee making the tough individuation conversations easier.
• Virtual coaching groups are a social way to collaborate and connect, if only to see that you’re not the only one trying to get – and keep – your life together.
• Participate in a career incubator, targeting real-world goals and mastering the tools and skills to find your passion and make it your professional purpose.
• Retreat yourself and travel with SOMe new friends on Adulting Adventures to explore yourself and SOMewhere else.
• Take lifestyle classes like cooking, journaling, yoga, meditation, gardening and all the things that make you a happier, healthier and more interesting human.
Adulting has historically been a trial-by-fire tribulation. It doesn’t have to be, though. You can get ahead of yourself – and the game – by preparing for your independent future before you’re launched into the real world, or just learn with us as you go. Agility is our superpower, and we’re going to make it yours, too.

Space of Mind coaches are:

Trustworthy: Experienced, knowledgeable, reliable.
Welcoming: Warm-hearted, open-minded to all kinds of people and innately curious and compassionate.
Eccentric: Unapologetically themselves, leading in their boldness and authenticity; somewhere between trendy and funky. Creativity is our love language.

Space of Mind coaches are NOT:

A parent: They’re more like a cool older friend who your parents trust, too. We’re not here to lecture or give rules – but rather to always steer you in the right direction.
Distracted: We’re focused, present and speak with clarity.
Cheerleader-y: We’re inspiring and motivating by nature, but not overly peppy.
Naive: Everyone has a story. It’s our job to help you establish the narrative for yours, not to judge the journey.

Become better at adulting by learning to…

• Set and meet your goals and expectations.
• Conquer daily living skills like laundry, housekeeping and making your space your home.
• Create time management and organization systems that fit your life and style.
• Love learning for learning’s sake (and not because you’re getting a grade; those days are over).
• Tackle finances without feelings (and finally figuring out how to save for that rainy day).
• Move through the world with confidence, even when you don’t want to get out of bed.
• Be empathetic and intentional with yourself and others.
• Manage emotional growth to maintain mental wellness.
• Find balance between relationships and responsibilities.
• Identify and advocate for your needs.
• Develop solid professional skills for communications, networking and career success.
• Steer and create your best life!

There comes a time when it’s time to be an adult.

Don’t be scared.

Adulting is easier with Space of Mind.

Who we are

Space of Mind is a community, a solution, a mindset. Like most educational companies, we’re big on learning, but we believe that how each one of us learns is unique. We focus our coaching on pairing passion with purpose to facilitate personal growth and build practical life skills. The goal is making the journey less stressful and more successful, but always a whole lot more fun. We’re a collective of artists, experts, educators and mentors, and we’re genuinely excited about what we do.

Let’s Meet

To learn more about SOM programs, pricing and enrollment, please get in touch with Judy Becker, Director of Business Development at or 561-894-8772 x121.