Need help homeschooling? Delray Beach-based Space of Mind offers support

With schools closed, Delray Beach based Space of Mind, a modern schoolhouse, is offering personalized online teaching, enrichment activities and standards-based curriculum for students grades 1-12, as well as coaching and programming for parents and families.

Space of Mind has worked in the homeschooling space for over a decade and will expand its services remotely to support parents looking to maintain academic readiness and reduce family stress.

“We have been flooded with requests from parents not only here in Palm Beach County, but in other cities around the country with school closures. Parents are looking for a way to ensure that their kids do not fall behind in school and that they stay engaged and inspired during what might be a long period of time,” said Ali Kaufman, founder and CEO of Space of Mind.  “We assess each student, customize a learning plan and track academic, creative, social, emotional and life skill results, which differentiates us from the others in the home education world.”

In addition to offering programs for all mainstream learners, Space of Mind personalizes its curriculum to additionally serve those with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Visual and Auditory Processing Challenges, Anxiety, Dyslexia, Giftedness and the like.

Online courses are taught live in small groups that are tailored by learning style. Assignments are customized to the individual student using the Altitude Learning curriculum delivery platform and are based on SOM’s personalized assessments and coaching roadmap and include family engagement components, as well. Private coaching, study halls and parent support is also available.

Starting March 30, SOM will open for the 4th quarter of the current academic school year to include credit-seeking students displaced from their schools due to Covid-19.

The Altitude Learning platform, which uses state specific standards based measurement and allows for simultaneous tracking of social, emotional and life skill habit development, is central to the Space of Mind approach. Offering a daily communication stream that engages learners, parents and coaches in an active and supportive dialogue, Space of Mind’s curriculum is developed in-house and integrates schoolwork into real life to help parents better understand how their child learns academically while improving everyone’s self-discovery.

“Our curriculum is collaboratively developed by our interdisciplinary team of coaches and integrates all academic disciplines so students are not learning subjects in a silo. We customize activities to each student’s learning style, level and interests, so whether a learner is visual, verbal or kinesthetic, he or she is grouped with like minds. With four main age groups ranging from elementary to high school, students learn from and teach one another, providing a more effective practice environment and a real-world assessment tool for our educators,” said Ms. Kaufman. “Our goal is to prepare our learners to have the tools they need to succeed in a 21st century environment, including social and emotional wellness, communication skills and the ability to ask for – and receive – help. Of course, knowing how to step away from technology and take a break is also crucial.”


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