Commemorating 9/11 at SOM

Ana Calvin, Clubhouse

Our oldest students at SOM were only 3 years old when the tragic events of 9/11 rocked the nation and commenced our country’s involvement in over a decade of war.

Today, we commemorated these tragic events by viewing the documentary 9/11: Stories in Fragments. In the film, objects tell personal stories of the victims, survivors and heroes of Sept. 11, 2001. These objects are now housed in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.
Our high school students chose one object from the documentary that they found significant and described why it stood out to them. Our Clubhouse students watched Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero and sketched what they would do to honor the heroes of 9/11.
Here’s what we came up with…
“I found the clocks to be very significant because it showed the time that the plane hit the towers. When the towers fell, it was very dramatic and epic. The fact that people could do this to other people is horrifying.”
Gavin Krooks, 11th Grade
“One object that I found significant from the film was the fire truck’s door that was completely destroyed. What stood out to me was when the buildings collapsed, which was a shocking moment because I didn’t think that could happen.”
Alex Agran, 9th Grade
Faith Guglielmo, Clubhouse

“The bits of the plane stood out most to me. The fact that there are still parts of the plane just shows how much these planes are made to withstand, and it was amazing that people were able to find and identify these pieces in all the ruin.”

Emily Ferry, 10th Grade
“There was one shot where they showed the identity cards of people who had passed away in the tragedy in a plastic case. I found that amazingly significant and shocking in an odd way. It was interesting seeing their IDs looking like normal people but with a crazy and tragic story behind it.”
Lucas Rochwerger, Clubhouse
Chandler Kerrigan, 10th Grade
“The one object that I find most significant is a t-shirt that my dad’s uncle has. He was there when it happened, and he has always told stories about it. What stood out to me the most was watching the towers collapse. I can’t even imagine how scary it must have been even to witness it.”
Nick Ramirez, 11th Grade
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